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My family lineage is ethnically Russian, and my name is written Oльга in our language. The name “Olga” itself is Slavic, meaning holy, and is a derivative of the Scandinavian name Helga.

I was born and raised in Estonia, when our country was still controlled by the USSR. Communism eventually crumbled, and we were left looking for something to believe in. My whole family came to faith in Christ during the early 1990’s, and my father is now an ordained UMC pastor.

I came to the US to study religion at Emory & Henry College. After graduation, I went to Asbury Theological Seminary where I earned a masters in counseling. Occasionally, I do translation work for ministries by taking English sermons or curriculum and transcribing them into Russian.

In 2008, my husband and I became parents to an energetic baby boy. So (for now) I’m a stay at home mom. From time to time, I will probably share some of my crazy motherhood experiences.

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