In the last week I have purchased one batman shirt, with a cape; two superman shirts, both with capes; one pair of batman shoes. I love being a boy mom! Levi is one day shy of 18 months. Didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital yesterday? He is active and a very happy kiddo.

I took him to the library for story time today and he was the kid who walked to the front of the room and attempted to help the lady ‘read’ the book to the others. I was embarrassed a little and somewhat amused because I used to wish Hudson would show more interest in story time. I even kind of envied the moms with really active kiddos who clapped, danced, and stomped their feet with delight. Now I am that mom! I am loving every second and I am dead tired at the end of every single day.

Hudson just finished up one week of VBS at Prestonwood. He enjoyed it and went without crying every day. Big victory. I am looking forward to next month and a reading camp he is going to attend. Fun times for the summer.

One of these days I will wright down our schedule, just to remember how crazy our days are.