Month Twenty Four

Today we cross the line into what’s commonly referred to as terrible twos. Hudson has already begun to unravel in true two-year-old fashion. Loud squealing and screaming at the top of his lungs to let me know that he definitely does not want to get into or out of the car are quite common now. He also hates shopping, just like his father. I am not sure what I am going to do with the two of them.

The most significant changes happened about two weeks ago when Hudson decided that he (finally!) was going to feed himself. He actually picks up apple slices, cheese, crackers, and other delectable items and stuffs his face silly. He refuses me when I try to feed him his usual food with a spoon. He is definitely more into real food now, which is a blessing and a curse rolled up in one.

It’s a blessing because I can finally set food in front of him and walk away, trusting he will manage to feed himself. It’s a curse because he’s become even more picky about what he will eat, which I didn’t think was possible. We are dealing with it the best we can and I keep reminding myself that this is yet another stage and it will pass.

Life is all about cars right now. When we go on walks, Hudson feels compelled to point out every single car parked along the street. And let me just say, there are a lot of cars parked along the streets in our neighborhood. When I try to correct him by saying that this one is actually a truck or a bus, he emphatically corrects me. It goes something like this:

Me: This one is a truck. Truck.
H: Car.
Me: Truck.
H: Caa-aar.
H: Carrrrrrrrrrr. Caa-aarrrrrrrrr.
Me: Ok. Car.

He has to carry at least one car with him at all times. He sleeps with it, eats with it, plays on the playground with it, holds it during a family photoshoot or while sitting on Santa’s lap. Heaven forbid he can’t locate it — bedtime turns into rivers of tears until said car is located and placed in his fist.

It’s not just any car, either. It has to be his beloved Lightening McQueen car (which, funny story, is the car our friends, Tschirgis, forgot at our house before Hudson was a speck on an ultrasound screen and now years later he is finally old enough to enjoy it; so thankful).

As for his new independent streak — he now has an opinion about clothes that I put on him, which is definitely very new and I was totally caught off guard with this one. I don’t think he cares about styles or colors so much as he cares about me invading his space and doing something he doesn’t want at that particular moment.

Both my husband and I have noticed that Hudson meets some milestones much later than other kids his age. For example, he just now decided that he wants to climb furniture and get into the fireplace. I am surprised that he hadn’t done that much, much earlier. He is also just now asserting his displeasure at having to share his toys with other children while on a play-date or when we have company over. He is definitely beginning to hold his own in that respect.

Hudson’s overall personality is very gentle, compliant, and sweet. He hates to upset us, but he is also struggling with his emotions, so he inevitably does end up getting out of line. When that happens, he usually gets very upset and cries until one or both of us holds him and reassures him that yes, in fact, we do still love him.

That being said, I must add that he is also extremely stubborn these days and time-outs have stopped working for him. I am not sure if he just doesn’t get the concept or if being in isolation isn’t enough for him, but he’s started to have a good ol’ time by himself in his timeout corner. One day I even caught him trying to stash toys in there, so I knew we needed a new strategy. We are working out our disciplining routine and it does definitely involve spanking at this point because other things were not at all effective.

Overall this year has been a fabulous one. We traveled quite a bit and spent time with family. We’ve also been able to see Hudson grow into an independent little person with lots of opinions on pretty much every possible issue in life. He is adored, cherished, and loved deeply. So thankful for this big bundle of energy and joy.

Happy Birthday, little man. I love you.