Of Girlfriends and Bowel Movements

Life’s a’happenin’ and way faster than I want it to. Levi is growing and is a joy and a delight to be around. The two brothers couldn’t be more different. Hudson was always very intense and emotional, even as a baby. He cried a lot and I did not enjoy him as a baby (sad but true). But Levi is so laid-back, relaxed, and easy-going. I can put him in his crib when he is awake and tired and he goes to sleep unassisted. No bells or whistles. I am beyond amazed at this little guy.

Of course, as a kiddo number two, he has to be patient and he is used to chaos. In fact, he sleeps best when the house is full of noise and commotion. Again, pretty amazed by that. He loves to eat and he loves to sleep and he loves people. He’s going to be a social butterfly, I can already tell. My heart melts when he flashes his toothless grin at me. I am so in love.

I have to say I am enjoying every second with Levi. Even though as a mom of two kiddos I hardly get any sleep these days, this time around things are just, easier, in a way. I know how quickly baby-hood passes, so I am making a point to hold Levi close and love on him, every chance I get. So thankful for such an agreeable, easy, happy baby. I want to just take it all in and be in the moment with him before he starts talking back and throwing conniption fits. Mercy.

Now, as far as Hudson goes, he’s been attending a Christian preschool since last August. Dropping him off was so painful for the first six-seven months. He never, ever wanted to go. And I mean NEVER. He was pretty much the only one crying at drop-off and it was a miserable experience all around.

He also never ever talked to ANYONE while at school. For the first nine months, or so, he didn’t speak. Then, he started whispering. Now, ten months later and with only three weeks of school left, he is finally speaking in his normal voice to his teachers and friends. Wow. I am glad we started him in school early because he needed a lot of time to acclimate to this new environment. His teachers have been amazing and patient. He has grown so much!

His teachers now refer to him as the class ‘Romeo.’ He has a new girlfriend every week and holds hands with girls throughout the day. Apparently, no other boy in his class does this. He’s the only one. I’m having a really hard time picturing this since he has always been so painfully shy. In a way, I am happy he is making friends and holding hands. And in a way I am a little concerned. Shall we buy a shot-gun now or wait a few years?

Which brings me to my next point. Bowel movements (and shotguns? Don’t ask. It’s been a long few months). Without going into much detail (let’s face it, you don’t want to know), I will say that Hudson no longer needs diapers (except at night-time). He has been peeing in the potty since last summer and got switched to underwear full-time in January. However, he refused to poop in the potty. He would tell me when he needed to go and request a diaper. Beyond that, he refused to negotiate.

Last month I gave him a choice – poop in the potty or outside in the grass. What possessed me to offer the choice to poop outside is beyond me, but that’s what he chose, “I poop outside like a doggy!” At least it wasn’t in his diaper. Things got a little messy though and I was tired of cleaning our back yard, so tonight I told him no more pooping outside.

“It works better for me if I don’t have to clean this up.”
“But mama, it works better for me if I poopoo in the grass.”

I basically pulled every chocolate confectionary delight out of the pantry and told him he could have it ALL if he would only deposit his poop in the potty. I believe my exact words were, “Just do it once and then, if you don’t like it, you don’t EVER have to do it again.” Whoa. I was really hoping he’d like it, otherwise, a lifetime of picking human poop out of my grass was staring me in the face. Bam!

Thankfully, the whole ‘pooping in the potty’ business went off without a hitch. Happy dance times a million. He got to play a racing game on the iPad and he got chocolate. I haven’t felt so accomplished in quite some time. Look at me, I make tiny humans make organized bowel movements. Roar! My work here is done. Thank you and good-night.