One Week

It has actually been longer than that. It’s been eight days, to be exact, and we’ve loved every single minute of it. My hubby has worked from home for a little over a week and we are so enjoying this change. Some of the highlights include:

1. Skipping the commute, which saves about two hours.
2. Hudson gets a lot more daddy-time and has really appreciated it. He loves to knock on the office door (a new trick daddy taught him this week) and then, once the door opens, he lunges into daddy’s arms for snuggles. Beautiful.
3. If he stops working at 5:30, that means he’s home at 5:30. More family time.
4. I can run errands during nap time. Unbelievable.

It makes life a lot easier and, so far, we’ve enjoyed this new adventure. I am sure challenges are inevitable, but I am also sure we can adjust. Working from home isn’t for everyone, but it does work for our family.