Dallas/Fort Worth was hit by a couple of devastating tornadoes this afternoon. I had just picked up Hudson from school and we were literally walking through the door as the sirens started going off. I felt like I was moving in slow motion, trying to make sure I had everyone fed, watered, diapered and safely tucked away in a windowless room. Called the husband to consult on which room was actually best (he’s lived in tornado valley before, so he knows).

I wasn’t doing a good job hiding my emotions and the three-year-old picked up on my panic. I was trying to explain to him that we needed to hide from the storm, but it was proving difficult. He thinks when we mention lightening and thunder, we are talking about a big Lightening McQueen up in the sky, which, naturally, makes him want to run outdoors and look for ‘Lightenin’. So, I was trying to explain to him that the weather outside wasn’t something to get excited about. How do you explain a tornado to a three-year-old?

Here are some words Hudson and I exchanged as I was trying to get him to hide in a closet.

Me: A big tornado is coming. That’s why the sirens are going off. It’s dangerous. We need to hide.
Hudson: A big potato wants to hurt our garage?
Me: Potato? No. TOR-NA-DO. And yes, it can hurt our garage.
Hudson: A big tomato is dangerous?
Me: Yes, it is. Let’s go.

I love my three-year-old. Without knowing it, he provided some much needed comic relief in the midst of a very stressful situation.