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We Have a Mailbox!

The house is coming along beautifully and we now have a mailbox! The brick and stone are done and it looks pretty ready for move-in — I wish!

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House Update

The house now has insulation and is being bricked as we speak. Bless those workers who have to be out there is this phenomenal heat.


Most of you probably already know, but I am posting this for posterity, still. Baby boy Smith #2 is due 12/29/11 (will mostly likely be born on 12/15 and most certainly via c-section).

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I am very impressed at the speed with which our new house is going up. It was just framed and a few days later it has a roof, walls and windows.

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Month Thirty

Hudson is thirty whole months old. Or 2.5 years old, in human years. This means so many different things. It’s a new era, really, in his development all around.

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