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Someone Needs A Hearing Test

I’m exercising in the living room, daydreaming about chocolate. My husband is in the kitchen, fixing himself some food.

Me: I really want some Nutella.
Him: It’s your knee cap.
Me: What?

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Cuteness Factor

We have always prayed over Hudson at bedtime, but it’s only recently that he has started to show interest in this. He squints and tries to be really still while we pray.

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The Essence of Terrible Twos

So. We are in the deep throws of terrible twos over here. Down in the trenches. Hiding. And covering our ears. Because the squealing? Lord. The squealing is intense these days. Piercing.

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Month Twenty Three

It’s been an exciting month and busy month around here. We had an opportunity to roadtrip to Austin as a family. Hudson and I enjoyed exploring downtown Austin and the Austin Children’s Museum.

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We are reading through a book together in my small group. One of the chapters talks about keeping reminders of moments when God had been our help.

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