Born Free Sterilizer


Since my son was bottle fed from birth, I needed a sterilizer that would fit any kind/shape/size/brand of bottle. Born Free offers just that, not to mention the fact that their line of products is BPA-free. This sterilizer does not limit you to any one particular brand or size of bottle as some other ones currently on the market.

This device fits up to four bottles + parts at a time and sterilizes in the microwave for four minutes or less. It has grips under the handles which makes it easier to hold while taking out of the microwave.

I have found that using a sterilizer for all of my son’s bottles and pacifiers is much quicker, more practical and convenient than putting them through the dishwasher. It saves time and water, not to mention limiting his exposure to chemicals. I use my sterilizer three or four times every day and would say this is an absolute must-have.

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