Diaper Champ by Baby Trend


One of the things that comes with a tiny bundle of joy is a huge bundle of dirty, stinky diapers. I did quite a bit of research on diaper pails prior to our son’s arrival. In fact, I registered and received a diaper pail made by a different company, but changed my mind on this gizmo because it required me to buy special refills on a regular basis, inflating its price.

When I heard about Diaper Champ by Baby Trend, I was sold. This stink container does not require any special refills, which was very important to me. We have used anything from plastic grocery bags to large trash bags and have never had any problems. Sure, the diaper pail requires regular cleaning, preferably with bleach, but it is totally worth it.

Unfortunately, I am not able to track down the exact model I own on amazon.com. They only have the newest model, which seems to have garnered quite a bit of negative feedback. So, here is a link to the exact model I own and love.

Just an aside for those of you wondering whether or not you really need a diaper pail — it does make quite a difference. I am not trying to insinuate that a regular trash can doesn’t do a good job. It does. However, it is really difficult to contain the smell if you use a regular trash can and you do have to empty it at least once a day if you don’t want your house to smell like a dirty diaper.

This diaper pail does let some smell escape, so it’s not this miraculous device that will make all the stink disappear. It does, however, do a good enough job that I only have to empty it about twice a week, if that. This product is an absolute must.

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