First Years Bottle Warmer


Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, a bottle warmer is a must-have accessory. This particular one is a multi-functional beast. First of all, the heating chamber is designed in such a way that it fits bottles of all sizes. It also fits baby food jars, so you will be able to get a lot of use out of it.

Secondly, this bottle warmer comes with a handy cooler equipped with an ice pack. The ice pack needs to be kept in the freezer and will stay cold for up to eight hours when in use. The cooler itself fits two bottles and is detachable, so I have taken it on the road with me when I needed to keep my son’s formula fresh over a long period of time.

This feature has also come in handy when my son was waking two-three times a night to eat. No trips to the kitchen, no fumbling in the dark, trying to pour and measure the right amount of formula were necessary. I simply got his bottles ready ahead of time and kept them in the cooler with the ice pack, ready to go.

Third handy feature — two measuring vials that attach to either side of the heating chamber. This takes guesswork out of the heating process. You fill up each vial with water and the amount of water you will need depends on the amount of formula you are about to heat up. This bottle warmer comes with a chart that will tell you exactly how much water you will need per every ounce of formula. Again, this makes night-time feedings very easy.

Feature number four is a built-in switch that allows you to turn off the warmer without having to unplug it. This is priceless during night-time feedings. You can keep the bottle warmer by your bed and switch it off after each use for added safety. The device has an auto-shut off function already, but being able to switch it off entirely gave me a peace of mind.

The only downside I have found is the accumulation of rust at the bottom of the heating chamber over time. I have not found a good solution for removing this rust build-up, but it does not seem to affect the overall time for heating up bottles.

Overall, I think that this compact and portable device packs a big punch. It does not take up too much room, is easy to use and offers a well thought-out design and functionality. It retails for about $30 and is absolutely worth every single penny.

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