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My son is growing up so fast, I have been looking for a way to freeze time so I can remember all the little things. I thought I should do something special to celebrate and cherish his first year, so I have been looking for ideas. One of the bloggers I follow mentioned that she got a portrait of her son for his first birthday. I felt like this was exactly what I’d been looking for and, since I have actually met her husband in real life, I trusted her judgment.

Contacting someone over the Internet for a portrait commissioning can be intimidating. Where do you start? Can you trust the person? Are they legitimate? Will they deliver? Will you actually like their work? What is involved in the process? As I mentioned, since I actually met the people who commissioned this particular artist, I felt good about contacting her.

I began by looking over Kelly O’Neill’s website, reviewing her work, process, and pricing. I really loved her style and the way she was able to capture life. I knew right away that I wanted her to draw Hudson’s portrait and that it would make a wonderful keepsake. I contacted Kelly via email and she was wonderful to work with throughout.

First, I supplied her with several digital photos of Hudson to choose from. We both agreed on one particular picture and she emailed me a portrait layout based on that picture. I appreciated her input and advice on little details like Hudson’s shirt, etc. She was not pushy, but very honest, which I appreciated. Next, we decided on the size of the portrait and then I sent her payment so she could start working on it. Kelly requires 50% up front and the rest at the time of completion.

Kelly kept me updated throughout the process and emailed me previews of my son’s portrait so I could give input. My husband and I actually wanted her to change a few things, which she gladly did in a matter of days. Once we were happy with the portrait, Kelly finalized all the changes and snail-mailed it to us. The whole process took three weeks from start to finish, was effortless and convenient since it was all done via email.

Kelly O’Neill was very easy to work with. She kept in regular contact with me, so I knew how things were going and felt part of the decision-making process. I absolutely loved the end-result and I know I will cherish it for years to come. If you are in the market for a portrait, I would recommend Kelly. Her style is stunning and she makes the whole process seem like a breeze.

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